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100% of my profit is donated to charity.

Please contact Deena Grady Berger at (415) 686-8778 for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment.
100% of my profit is donated to charity.
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Reiki (Adults and Children)
$75 for 50-minute session
Clients are fully-clothed during the Reiki session with shoes off.  I will lay my hands on specific parts of the body starting with head or crown.  There is no massaging or pressure with Reiki.  Heat may be felt to different degrees with the different hand positions. For clients who prefer not to be touched, my hands are held over the body.  Hands-on and hands-off treatments are equally effective. 

Each client has a different experience.  Some people may feel a deep state of relaxation while some may fall asleep.  Others experience a charge of energy (described as waves or electrical currents).  At the end of a session you may feel more relaxed, less stress, joy, have more hope, find an answer to an important question or feel more energized.  Every client has a different experience with the Reiki energy.  It is all good!

Reiki is recommended every other week or once a month.  Addressing physical or emotional concerns, Reiki is recommend twice for the first week then once a week or every other week depending on a client’s needs.    

Animal Reiki
$50 for 30-minute session
Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, among other creatures are all welcome.  While working with animals, I let the animal control the session.  I offer the Reiki to the individual animal letting them choose if they want hands-on or hands-off.  I always trust the Reiki energy to go where it needs to be in each creature.  A hands-off treatment is just as effective as a hands-on treatment.

Distance Reiki
$50 for 30-minute session
When hands-on Reiki is neither practical nor convenient, distance Reiki can be sent with the same results.  Most of us can relate to praying for someone who lives across the country.  Just like prayer, Reiki can be sent in any kind of situation. Similar to prayers, Reiki transcends time and space.