Board Certified Chaplain-certified by The National Association of Catholic Bishops shares her experience with Reiki at Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, California. 

Yale-New Haven Hospital offers Reiki (along with other complementary therapies) to patients with cancer.

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Read the book that changed my life - The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

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See article How Reiki Heals: A Hands On Approach to Well-being by Nicole Dingwell
"There is a light in this world...a healing spirit much stronger than any darkness we may encounter.  We sometimes lose sight of this force...where there is suffering and too much pain.  And suddenly the spirit will emerge...through lines of ordinary people, and answer in extraordinary ways.  God speaks in the silence of the heart and we listen."
Mother Teresa
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Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School article Healing Touch Therapy: Alternative Therapies Relax Heart Patients