“My son has serious, chronic health issues.  Deena worked on him several times with Reiki.  Without any prompting, she was able to focus in on the most severe problem areas.  He showed improvement immediately after she worked on him.  Deena is warm, compassionate and has a natural healing gift.”
Mill Valley

“Thank you for the wonderful Reiki you offer our clients.  The clients love your work!  Thank you for your time and generosity.”
Julieta Murillo
Wellness Coordinator/Care Navigator
LifeLines Breast Cancer Program
San Francisco

“When Deena was working on me, I felt an electrical current…a completed circuit.  I feel completely grounded and refreshed.”
San Francisco

“I am honored to have Deena Reiki me.  She is really compassionate and has a kind heart.  I feel I am in good hands with her.”
San Francisco

"During my first Reiki session with Deena, I felt the sensation of waves going through my body.  While Deena was working on my head during my second session, I got a surge of what felt like electricity going through my entire body.”
San Francisco

Please contact Deena Grady Berger at (415) 686-8778 for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment.

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